How does alprazolam work

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how does alprazolam work

A Review of the Literature". Office of the Attorney General. Diseases of the Eye. Thank god for my pcp. Slang terms for alprazolam vary from place to place. Dependence - especially physical dependence - can also lead to withdrawal symptoms, and in some cases these can be very severe. Older adults may be more sensitive to the side effects of this drug, especially loss of coordination and drowsiness.

Alprazolam can also be highly addictive and may lead to side effects that can cause personality changes. It is encouraged that you tell your doctor about any other medications, vitamins or herbal supplements you are taking before you begin an alprazolam regimen, as drug interactions could lead to dangerous complications and a higher risk of dependency. Alprazolam is a powerful drug that can lead to dependence and addiction when used for an extended period of time or in larger amounts than prescribed by a doctor.

Since alprazolam works to slow down brain activity, it can also have an impact on other brain functions. Alprazolam dependence and addiction can result in memory loss , compulsive behaviors and lack of emotional range. As with other medications used to treat anxiety and depression, users should not stop taking alprazolam without first discussing it with a doctor.

A sudden stop in alprazolam use can cause a number of uncomfortable and dangerous withdrawal symptoms, including the following:. If you or someone you love is experiencing severe alprazolam withdrawal symptoms, contact your doctor immediately. Since tolerance to alprazolam can happen quickly, there is a high risk of addiction associated with this medication.

When an alprazolam user stops using the drug, the fear of a return of anxiety or panic can be overwhelming. Stopping drug use abruptly can cause uncomfortable and dangerous side effects, so it is recommended that you talk to your doctor about a tapering program when it is time for you to stop taking alprazolam.

I am a 33 year old female. My primary physician started giving me low dosages of xanax for anxiety. When my body got used to it he told me he couldnt give me a higher dosage and i would have to go see a psychiatrist. He gave me a number to one and i called. I must admit they helped alot. Because I had anxiety, panic attacks, and feared doing a lot of things.

When i started seeing the psychiatrist she upped my dosage a couple of times during the years. Now im worried and really want to stop taking xanax but i have tried on my own and the withdrawal symptoms are unbearable. But i wont stop getting the help i need to get completely off of this drug. My body has a dependency on it. Worse feeling in the world when you trying your best to quit something but your body wont let you..

I have been taking them for 6 years. Now up to 2mg twice a day.. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Please check the email you provided when leaving this comment, or give us a call at so that we can provide you with assistance. I took Xanax for 6 years .. I really need some advice and help plz. My Primary care dr. I have now cut me off of my xanax. I had to be forced to stop Cold Turkey.

Pounding heart and rapid pulse. My resting pulse is, when I get up to clean my house or use the bathroom or bath it easly goes to I had a tilt test, ecg, ekg, heart holter,stress test an blood work in April. I am so afraid that something maybe wrong: Is there anyone out there who has or us going through this I am terrified. Please let me know. I have taken xanax for 19 yrs.

A new Dr came in and cut me off cold Turkey in March ! It has been pure HELL!!! I am 60 yrs. If your going to a regular dr. They understand your problem.. The people here saying just to throw your meds away are idiots,they have obviously never had attacks as strong as your having right now. No one but your psychiatrist should be telling you to stop..

Of course get checked out by your doctor. Xanax helps get rid of that. And they will get your life back on track. I had an urgent care doctor accuse me of snorting them, cause if they get the slightest bit wet thay desolve into powder. Thank god for my pcp. Im fortunate,, that I have a doctor that is great. Click here to cancel reply.

Email will not be published required. Chemical dependency is a treatable disease that affects families as well as the individual. Addiction to drugs or alcohol is the primary illness with serious secondary complications that affect body, mind and spirit emotions. Recovery requires healing of the whole individual, as well as of the family. Are there safer alternatives to Xanax? Call the Palm Beach Institute and get help for benzodiazepine addiction There are millions of people who are currently suffering from addiction, and we believe that each and every one of them deserves a second chance at health and happiness.

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    It took a month of horrible insomnia and one seizure to stop. I never saw a doctor. I couldn't drive due to exhaustion. Always in the bathroom, flu like shakes for weeks, hot flashes HELL. Happy I'm off it.I cry at little things; it's great to be alive now.Had flashes of bad thoughts in bed that kept coming.Do not EVER take this.Doctors KNOW it's bad.Try B Complex,fish oil,yoga. Calms you at first;then your hooked.Avoid.Exercise-do Something.Given my lst in '85 big mistake.Blunts emotions,takes Joy out of life.Now I can feel.

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