Alprazolam overdose treatment

By | 13.12.2017

alprazolam overdose treatment

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3 thoughts on “Alprazolam overdose treatment

  1. Negami

    Up until 2 months ago I was doing fine but then I had minor panic attacks, went back to the dr after convincing myself i had a brain tumor and he gave me .5mg of alprazolam b/c i told him i wanted something more short term. And I didn't start taking it until a few days ago because my constant worrying and fear of death has come back to haunt me. The alprazolam does help and allow me to focus more, calm me down, and think rationally. my only concern is that because it is prescribed on an 'as needed' basis that u can become dependent upon it. if things don't actually improve, I will go back to dr and he will probably put me on something more long term once again.

  2. Vudal

    My doctor threw every anti depressant medication my way they ALL made my depression worse to the point I had suicidal thoughts and tendencies. My mother had it with the Drs changing my dose and meds so finally she gave me some of her own prescribed alprazolam. She gave me a .25 when I had my bad day about 7 days out of the month now as needed. I also have nervous habits, anxiety. When she started giving me the alprazolam I was 17. Before I would cry hysterically for hours on end. As soon as I tried alprazolam it all went away. No more mood swings my depression went way down only having a few issues a month when I was untreated. I am now 28 and I use it maybe 4-6 times a year and I use oils the others. I highly recommend not using it continuously.

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