Alprazolam and alcohol erowid xanax

By | 26.05.2018

alprazolam and alcohol erowid xanax

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3 thoughts on “Alprazolam and alcohol erowid xanax

  1. Dazilkree

    Panic Disorder runs in the family (father, grandmother) and I've been on alprazolam for 30 years - 3 mg a day. Has stopped the attacks and 1 mg 3x day is the dosage I got to with the help of a psychiatrist. Anything less doesn't work. GPs don't seem to understand Panic Disorder, so see a psychiatrist who specializes in it. One interesting note is that the generic does not work for me. I also tried various group therapy etc, deep breathing, alternate nostril breathing, distraction - but it didn't work. Was having 3 attacks a day and couldn't drive. alprazolam is a life saver for me.

  2. Doshicage

    I use alprazolam occasionally as required. I feel relaxed in real sense, feel increase in mental abilities, sleep well and when I wake up I'm in a very fresh mood.

  3. Molabar

    Slowly built up tolerance to alprazolam. Had to take more than just one per day. Very hard to detox off. Had SEVERE withdrawals. Also know of friends with similar problems. BE VERY CAREFUL WITH YOUR DOSAGES, KEEP IT LOW!

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