Xanax alprazolam reviews

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xanax alprazolam reviews

I have had severe anxiety and panic disorder for many years. I actually laugh and have a good time now! Lamictal for Depression Cocktail is a "10"". Alprazolam is used for all types of anxiety, but it's one of the few medicines prescribed for panic disorder. It is another type of benzo, but for the first time in years I am happy and feel alive again. A Mom's Revelation: "Xanax Makes Me Be a Better Mom"

Only side effect is that it makes you kinda sleepy, but if you keep active and do stuff it wears off and you will feel normal. I actually laugh and have a good time now! Trust me after 20 minuets you will feel relaxed and ready to do anything! Rayraykopie January 25, For Depression "I was initially diagnosed with severe depression. It was the drug of first choice to treat my extreme shyness.

While on it I had troubles breathing. I was so dizzy and confused that at times I didn't even know where I was. I couldn't do anything. All I did was sleep. I was supposed to take it 3x a day but stopped before completing the treatment. Wouldn't recommend the experience to anyone. I honestly can't tell why some people take it for kicks or how they end up being addicted to it. Lakotka taken for less than 1 month January 5, For Panic Disorder "I've been taking Xanax for about 3 years now.

I started having symptoms early on, like in my teens. I could never find anything that make me feel like "me" before the panic attacks. Once my doctor prescribed be xanax my life changed for the better. I take 1mg once a day, 2x if I'm having a rough day. They just passed a law in NV where if a doctor is caught 3 times "abusing" this new law about narcotic prescribed drugs they could lose their license. I hope this didn't effect people like myself who used this to alive.

Don't judge xanax by the headlines. Itsme taken for 2 to 5 years January 3, I only take it as prescribed and try not to take it or taper down 1 day a week. When I take half of a bar I feel clear headed and normal. The only downside is the withdrawals are almost unbearable. When I go a couple days off it I feel extra anxious, nervous, mildly depressed, and at times it feels like my mind is messing with me.

Fitdy fi taken for 10 years or more December 29, However, I took it for a long period of time, over a year, and found that I needed an ever increasing dose, probably due to tolerance. The withdrawals were ungodly wicked! I was put on low-dose Klonopin, which warded off the worst withdrawals. I went from 6 mg of Xanax to 0. Valium or Klonopin are far safer, in my experience. Anonymous December 27, I was shocked to find out that it actually relieved me of my anxiety. It actually benefiting me in a positive way.

I may sound really dumb, but it worked like magic. For Anxiety "I have an overreaction to stressful situations. A situation that the average person takes in stride might put me into panic mode. Xanax is the only thing I've found that calms me down effectively. Depending on the situation it may take 0. Because of it's addictive nature I don't take it every day, just in certain situations, maybe times per year.

I did have a situation recently where I took about 1. When the situation resolved I quit taking it and I had no withdrawal symptoms. Warhawk97 taken for 5 to 10 years December 25, For Anxiety "The pills that say Xanax on the front and 2 on the back and they are rectangular, they are fake. Don't have nickname taken for 1 to 6 months December 23, For Panic Disorder "On. I could not leave my home at all until I finally connected with a doctor whom specialized in panic attacks, who came to my house and prescribed Nardil and Xanax.

I had gone untreated for 15 years prior to that, which is how a panic attack disorder eventually led to agoraphobia and my complete isolation. DW taken for 10 years or more December 16, I took 1 mg Xanax XR in the afternoon. If I would forget to take my meds in the morning, by 1: For years I was living in a fog. I was safely detoxed in the hospital for three days a little over a week ago.

The doctor prescribed me 10 mg of Librium 3x day. This medication is mainly used for alcohol detox. It has worked wonders for me. It is another type of benzo, but for the first time in years I am happy and feel alive again. Please do not take Xanax lightly, it is an addictive viscous cycle that can make you feel worse in the long run. For Anxiety "I take xanax to help me sleep and I also take it for anxiety when needed.

I haven't really been having problems with either sleep or anxiety for the last 8 months or so. So I have just been taking. I have been taking xanax on and off for about 10 years. My experience with it has been nothing but positive. I have never had any negative side effects. It just calms me down a little bit and makes me feel feel a little more relaxed. I have never needed to take a bigger dose than. It has not been addicting to me at all.

But that is probably because I have rarely had to take it more than once a day. A few times when I had bad anxiety, I had to take it twice a day, but those times have been very rare. SteveGriswaldd December 13, For Panic Disorder "So many other reviews on here but this drug is important. I will chime in as well since it has been prescribed a little different for me. I used to wake up in a panic a couple of times a week, but it's pretty easy for me to gauge my stress level and predict which nights are going to be bad ones.

It does the trick so I can fall right back to sleep after waking, instead of panicking and then ruminating for hours, and being a mess at work and with my kids the next day. Anvil taken for 2 to 5 years December 9, For Panic Disorder "This is the best to knock a panic attack flat on its arse. I been taking 0. I could literally walk on the wing and not care.

Don't take with alcohol though.. I made the mistake of popping one of these then drank 4 or 5 martinis. I made a fool of myself and swung from a coworkers chandelier at a party and pulled it out of the ceiling. Everyone was cheering me on so I felt like a bru. The more I drank the stupider I became. At the end of the night I climbed a street pole and tried to punch out the light telling people it was a UFO.

They work well, but do not drink on them". Nicky Glasses November 25, For Anxiety "I am prescribed up to 4mg a day and usually take 2 to 3 mg a day. I can't be given any SSRIs due to bad reactions on my maternal side of the family. Xanax just works for me. Was it overprescribed for years and given to people who had no business taking it?

But this drug works wonders for some people. And it's not placebo. Is my quality of life better on them? They don't make me sleepy or black out. In fact they give energy and on bad days motivation to get out of bed. I'm in good health, sleep 6 to 8 hours a day, and can interact with people better. If you haven't yet, take our free 7 minute anxiety severity test to score your anxiety symptoms, compare its severity to others, and learn more about how to control it.

Alprazolam is one of the most prescribed medications in the world. One might say that it's prescribed too often, because most people are given Alprazolam by doctors, not psychologists, and no medicine should be a person's first choice when they're trying to control their anxiety. Medicines need to be a last resort, after you've tried non-medicinal options. Take my free 7 minute anxiety test to find out more about the options for you.

The main reason to avoid Xanax and other anxiety medications unless you need them is because they don't cure your anxiety. They merely dull it. Eventually, if you stop taking the medicine, your anxiety will always come back. That's clearly a problem. These medications already have trouble with side effects, tolerance, and addiction more on that later , but perhaps their greatest problem is that they dull anxiety without helping a person truly fix the problem.

Eventually you'll quit the medication, your anxiety will come back, and you'll find yourself suffering. That's why you need to make sure that you never depend on medicine alone. Alprazolam is a drug in the benzodiazepine class. Like other benzodiazepines, Alprazolam isn't just an anxiolytic. All of these other properties have both benefits and weaknesses for reducing anxiety. Alprazolam is one of the most prescribed medicines because it works quickly.

It may take as little as 10 minutes and usually no longer than an hour for the Alprazolam to start working. Alprazolam is used for all types of anxiety, but it's one of the few medicines prescribed for panic disorder. Most other benzodiazepines including Alprazolam are used primarily for generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder. Alprazolam binds to GABA receptors to produce these anxiolytic qualities.

Alprazolam is also generally not prone to allergic reactions, which is another reason it is prescribed so frequently. There is no denying that Alprazolam works. It's been prescribed for severe anxiety and panic for decades, and appears to show some fairly strong success rates. Xanax and the generic drugs all seem to work well for most anxiety disorders, and continue to provide relief for many months if necessary.

The problem isn't generally that Alprazolam doesn't work. The problem is that it is prescribed without any other treatment, and with issues like panic attacks, you need to be able to control them otherwise when you stop taking the medication, the panic attacks will not only come back - they may come back stronger. Dependence - especially physical dependence - can also lead to withdrawal symptoms, and in some cases these can be very severe. In many ways, Alprazolam has the same withdrawal symptoms as alcoholism, including not only anxiety and panic attacks, but also memory loss, muscle ache, headache, sweating, sleep problems, nausea, hallucinations, and even seizures.

There is even a small risk of suicide. If you wean off of the drug slowly over time you can decrease the likelihood of these withdrawal symptoms, but long term use of Alprazolam, even if it stops working, will increase the risk that withdrawal occurs. Perhaps even more unusual is that the withdrawal symptoms may also come and go over time after you stop taking the medicine.

The side effects of Alprazolam are similar to other benzodiazepines. The main concern is sedation. Alprazolam can cause extreme fatigue, not unlike alcohol use. It may also cause concentration problems, poor motor skills, memory loss, and lack of coordination. While many medicines tell you not to operate machinery or drive until you know how the drug affects you, with Alprazolam you absolutely need to follow that advice.

Combining Alprazolam with other drugs of abuse can also be fatal. Alprazolam should absolutely not be taken with alcohol. Despite what many people will tell you, anxiety drugs are not inherently bad. For those that have not seen success with other treatments, or those whose anxiety is so severe they need immediate relief simply to get through their day, anxiety medications may not be a terrible idea.


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