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An injection is an infusion method of putting liquid into the body, usually with a hollow needle and a syringe which is pierced through the skin to a sufficient depth for the material to be forced into the body. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. IV Vaginal dosage forms: Published on Jul 24, It possesses an active drug moiety known as Sildenafil citrate that is effectively used by those men who have problem in maintaining an erection. Chronicle, October 23, and is available on line at http: Tablet as solid dosage form

There were a total of reports of Etizolam from 21 states as of June, Etizolam is not currently a federally controlled substance. Illicit manufacturing of the pills can be made in any basement or kitchen using a pill die and stamp available for sale on E-Bay. There are even on-line training videos on how to make counterfeit pills. Not only is the brand named Xanax being counterfeited but the generic GG Sandoz, R Activist, and Greenstone G, are showing up on the street as counterfeit.

However, some examples are nearly identical to real Xanax and can only be spotted by a trained specialist. Internet reports claim some fakes have dark speckles on the pill and an experienced illicit street buyer will demand to snap a pill in half before purchase to test for by licking the broken end the characteristic bitter taste of real Xanax. Other counterfeit pills that have appeared in the USó Lemmon Methaqualone. Reports claim the pills are being made in clandestine labs in Serbia and also in Syria to help fund their civil war, and other clandestine labs are reportedly making the pills in South Africa under the name Mandrax.

A police traffic stop on Interstate 80 led to the police seizure of a large bag of pills with the head stamp OC 80, the code for 80 mg of OxyContin. Police laboratory testing found the pills were counterfeit, made with the narcotic Fentanyl. These fake OxyContin pills have appeared throughout the US and in Canada and are responsible for a number of deaths. Local police that encounter counterfeit prescription drugs should seek a partnership with State Police and DEA Diversion Control as these cases can be complicated investigations.

This is a compilation of several recent events and not a documentation of a specific investigation. As documented in the Urban Dictionary available on line at http: According to the Illinois State Police Quarterly Drug Trends report, police seize more illicit Xanax than any other depressant tranquilizer. Batoul Alkanan , Student at Alneelain University. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Drug Dosage Forms 1.

Drug dosage form Presented by: Hard gelatin capsules It is made up of gelatin ,sugar and water. They are physically hard. The hard-shell gelatin capsules contain solid drugs Soft gelatin capsule It is made up of gelatin. Glycerin Or sorbitol are added to render gelatin elastic. The soft-shell gelatin capsules contain oils. These capsules are easily swallowed due to tasteless shell.

The drug substance is not released until a physical event has occurred e. The tablets are placed in the mouth, chewed and swallowed e. These are designed to be placed in buccal cavity of mouth for rapid action. The tablet contain sodium bicarbonate in addition to the drug substance. Before use they are dissolve in water. The tablet must be sterile one.

Powders Powders are drugs or drug extracts that are dried and ground and converted into fine particles. Types of powder 1 Divided powder 2 Bulk powder 1 Divided powder: They are dispensed in form of individual doses and generally are dispensed in papers, metal foil and heat sealed plastic bags and other containers. They are intended to be suspended or dissolve in water or mixed with foods e.

They are locally applying non toxic preparation that is intended to be dissolved in water prior to use as an antiseptic. They may be formulated for nasal, optic and vaginal use. They are introduced in body cavity such as ear ,nose, throat, tooth socket. Insuffaltor is used to administer these products. Liquid dosage form Liquid dosage forms are prepared:


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    alprazolam is all too popular for its strong calming effects with rapid onset. I do not recommend this as a daily medication at all. I in fact advise to use alprazolam as least as possible. It is one of the hardest drug to kick. Abrupt discontinuation call either kill you or make you loose your mind and body. Used sparingly (for flights, funerals etc) it is mostly helpful but in a way a succubus of a drug. It'll lure you to think it's safe, fun and calming; but it will sooner or later create retrograde anxiety in between doses. A half-life of 6 hours is just asking for it...

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