Silicone Cupping Therapy Sets – Anti Cellulite Suction Cups And Facial Cupping By Say La Vee | Professional Cupping Set | 6pcs Cupping Therapy Kit For Pain Relief | Muscle Spasm | Lymph And More.

By | June 2, 2018
Silicone Cupping Therapy Sets - Anti Cellulite Suction Cups And Facial Cupping By Say La Vee | Professional Cupping Set | 6pcs Cupping Therapy Kit For Pain Relief | Muscle Spasm | Lymph And More.

  • How Does Cupping Therapy Work? Cupping therapy works by loosening muscles and stimulating blood flow to increase circulation. The negative pressure that is experienced during the cupping method helps to soften muscles and lift connective tissue
  • Say La Vee Cupping Therapy Sets can assist with cellulite, weight loss, back pain, headaches and spider veins; however, cupping therapy can also treat high blood pressure, rheumatism, migraines, anxiety, depression, fatigue, hair fall and baldness
  • Reduce Stretch Marks and Cellulite by improving texture and elasticity of the skin. 5min cupping is equivalent to 30min massage which you can do in the comfort of your own home
  • Easy For Self-Use. You don’t have to be an expert therapist to master this ancient technique. All you have to do is follow our step-by-step guide!
  • Perfect Gift. Say La Vee Cupping Therapy Sets with the robust, smooth and hygienic cups housed in the elegant satin bag make for an excellent gift for family and friends
  • Rigorous Testing. The Say La Vee Cupping Therapy Sets have been rigorously tested for biocompatibility and durability. They are constructed from the highest quality silicone and are safe to use
  • Easy to Clean. The Say La Vee cups are made from extra thick hypoallergenic silicone and are easy to clean. Simply wash in warm, soapy water or place in the dishwasher. The cups can withstand temperatures up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Use with Oiland Avoid Hair to allow easy movement of the cup and for a longer suction. This will reduce the likelihood of bruising and discomfort
  • No Side Effects. Use cupping therapy as detailed in the instructions and throughout this page and you will have nothing but a positive experience

  • MASSAGE CUPPING THERAPY KIT is a form of treatment where suction is used on the skin. Benefits of massage vacuum cupping include: body detoxification, improved blood circulation, sleep quality, metabolism, collagen production and weight loss, whilst relieving joint and muscle tension, reducing cellulite, wrinkles, stretch marks, spider veins, inflammation, fibromyalgia symptoms, headache and much more.
  • EASY TO USE FOR MEN AND WOMEN – WITH INSTRUCTIONS: Say La Vee Luxurious Massage Cups can be your private and natural home spa, saving your time and money from using costly massage treatments. The negative pressure created by the cup helps the blood to flow easily and therefore, allowing more essential nutrients and oxygen to get to the tissues and skin to keep you young and toned. Use any anti cellulite oil or anti cellulite cream for better suction.
  • WHY SAY LA VEE? Say La Vee professional Silicone Cupping Set are made of pure medical grade silicone with a smooth edge to create suction that stays longer on your skin, without using a pump gun fire or any assistance. Recommended fro massage therapists and all professional use.
  • WHAT DOES IT COME WITH? We designed a cupping massage therapy set that it easy for everyone to use. That’s why we included 2 large cup (7*8cm), 2 medium (5.5*5cm), 1 face (3.8*8cm) and 1 eye cups (2.5*5cm) together with printed instructions and a soft, satin travel/gift bag for easy transportation!
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE ONLY IF SOLD BY SAY LA VEE: We offer the best customer support and a lifetime product replacement warranty. We stand behind our product and care about our costumers. Choose the brand trusted by professional practitioners, athletes and massage therapists time and time again! So what are you waiting for? Order NOW!