Vibrant Health – Green Vibrance, Plant-Based Daily Superfood + Protein and Antioxidants, 60 servings (FFP)

By | May 22, 2018
Vibrant Health - Green Vibrance, Plant-Based Daily Superfood + Protein and Antioxidants, 60 servings (FFP)

If you want the best from your body, you need to give it the best. Green Vibrance contains over 70 ingredients including fruits, vegetables, enzymes, probiotics, and more to fill nutritional gaps. By providing this range of nutrients and vitamins, Green Vibrance helps you dig a little deeper on your health journey. Enjoy a nutritional boost with daily green superfood Green Vibrance.

  • GET YOUR GREENS: Unlock the energy to get more from your day with the power of green superfoods and probiotics.
  • TRUTH IN TRANSPARENCY: With our constant improvement of Green Vibrance we detected a tiny quantity of soy and dairy, byproducts of the inclusion of probiotics in our formula. While only trace amounts, we disclose each ingredient in every product because you deserve to know.
  • FOUNDATIONS OF HEALTH: Green Vibrance helps nourish the four foundations of a healthy body: digestion, immunity, nutrition, and circulation.
  • THE MISSING LINK: You have goals, we have a probiotic-rich combination of fruits and vegetables to help you achieve them.
  • EASY NUTRITION: One scoop turns your beverage into the energetic boost you need to meet the day ahead.

3 thoughts on “Vibrant Health – Green Vibrance, Plant-Based Daily Superfood + Protein and Antioxidants, 60 servings (FFP)

  1. Christina E
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    Good Product, March 26, 2017
    Christina E (San Jose, CA USA) –

    UPDATE: I have stopped taking this because I had a long term problem with gas/bloating and reflux. After much trial and error, I started to realize that I had either some kind of SIBO or IBS. I stopped this drink and started a FODMAP diet which helped within 2 days. I suspect that this drink just has too many probiotic species (what I first loved about it) and a natural-minded Dr pointed out to me that the diff species don’t always play well together. In the meantime my husband decided to start taking this drink and he loved it for the first month or 2. At the time I was only suspicious of this drink, and that wasn’t enough to keep him away from it. By the 3rd month of taking it though, he started having more gas/bloating and general weirdness in his gut. He quit drinking it and recovered fairly fast. I believe because I took it for over a year while experiencing tummy troubles, it has taken me much longer to get my gut flora back to normal. So I change my rating to: I suspect more harm than good came from this drink, but I might be willing to take one without any probiotics in it.

    I have been buying and using this product for a couple of years now. I cannot claim that it has done anything miraculous for me, but I will tell you my honest unbiased opinion. I often find that knowing something about the reviewer can be helpful, so for a bit of context I am female, 42, normal BMI and I eat healthy. I eat a lot of vegetables, fruit, try to mostly eat clean unprocessed meats, and a small amount of unrefined grains. I am also not a picky eater.
    Having said all that, here is my take on Green Vibrance. I do not drink it daily without fail, but rather on most days, sometimes more than others. The taste is not terrible- if you can tolerate eating many vegetables, if you have ever cut sugar out of your diet without using sweeteners, then you will probably be ok with the taste of this drink with only water. A small amount of juice mixed into the water improves the taste quite a bit, and then if you are someone who is much more smell and taste sensitive, mixing it into a smoothie will completely mask the flavor.
    The things that I personally love about this product are
    1) its great content of probiotics, a better variety than most probiotics-only. I am more concerned with number of varieties than I am numbers of each bacteria because I feel that since you take the product every day (or most days), you don’t need millions and billions of each species every day.
    2) its herbal content, especially Astragalus, which I like to take at the first sign of a cold.
    3) it helps me get out of sugar-binges. I try to eat as sugar free as I can, but once in a while it will sneak back into my diet and I get hooked like a coke-addict. It may just be placebo-affect, but if it is, it placebo-works. I drink it in the afternoon in just water when my cravings are the worst and in a couple of days I have forgotten all about wanting sugary treats.
    So, I know this isn’t a very sensational review, but I do like the product, I do find it works well and I would recommend it to others. I don’t think it should be a replacement for other healthy foods, but it can definitely give you a boost (mood, energy, etc) that you might need to help you get into overall healthier eating.

  2. Contra
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    This is a good product to add to your diet if you live …, October 25, 2017

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This is a good product to add to your diet if you live in the US. Our foods are not that nutritious and are high in calories. This supplement is good to insure your body is receiving all it needs to be healthy and develop a strong immune system. If you aren’t used to this type of diet or don’t normally consume probiotics then be warned this may make you ‘irregular’ the first time or two.

    It tastes like hay and lawn mower clippings so I recommend mixing it with something else or into a smoothie.

    A lot of these negative reviews are stupid. You may not feel immediate results. Before criticizing any type of food or supplements, consider the following:

    Your brain rebuilds itself in one year.
    Your DNA renews itself every two months.
    Your blood is entirely renewed every four months.
    Your body builds a new skeleton every three months.
    Your body is 98% replaced in one year.

    What you consume becomes the building blocks for your body. Make sure you give your body all it needs.

  3. Little ol' me
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    Great product. I use less than a teaspoon on …, September 8, 2017
    Little ol’ me (Pacific Northwest) –

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    This review is from: Vibrant Health – Green Vibrance, Plant-Based Daily Superfood + Protein and Antioxidants, 60 servings (FFP) (Health and Beauty)
    Great product. I use less than a teaspoon on a daily basis, but still feel the impact. The last time I ran out I decided to go without for a while to determine if it still made a difference after several years of use, or if I didn’t need it anymore.The difference was clear! My energy, stamina, strength, mood and general sense of well-being all took a hit as it left my system. This is by far the best product I’ve ever used, and I’ve used it for years. It’s very expensive, but worth it. I would recommend experimenting with the minimum daily dose to make the product last longer without compromising it’s benefits. The recommended serving size included on the product is pretty extreme, and probably excessive for anyone with a healthy, balanced diet. This size should last me 6 to 9 months in the amount I currently use. Possibly longer. It’s definitely worth the money to me.

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