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By | April 7, 2018

Products To Avoid Consuming In Excess During This Festive Season.

The link provided redirects us to a website which as content about what types of acceptable toxins in the society which should be wiped out. The title of this website is very catchy and demands the user’s attention in such a way that one cannot exit this website after opening it. The title is a scope of the content in this website as it captures the aspect of wiping out some products due to their negative effects. This website simply starts by making us aware of the risks we expose ourselves to in this time of the year. The risks we expose ourselves to are not comparable to the effort we put all throughout the year. Among the products which are consumed in excess during this period include coffee and alcohol. Consuming the available resources in excess may seem normal but in real sense this practice brings harm to our health.

This website goes a step further to suggest that one can get involved in this practices if they will attend the gym. The additional requirement if one is consuming products in excess during this season would be to attend the gym or e involved in a physical activity which is engaging. The author of this website went a step further to discuss the most commonly abused products and the effect they record on one’s health. Among the discussed products include coffee, sugar and meat.

It has been recorded that coffee is consumed in excess during this season due to the occurrence of the cold weather. Coffee is an important product to take comfort in when one is cold. It has occurred in the attempt to overcome the extreme cold conditions experienced, individuals have recorded to be consuming coffee in excess without them being aware of the health risks they are exposing themselves to. The risks that one exposes his health to by consuming coffee in excess include hallucination and dehydration. Other effects include increase in the anxiety levels. The next product which is discussed in this website is alcohol. Alcohol has recorded to be consumed in bulk during this Christmas season. The consumption of alcohol in excess has recorded to led to both social and health problems. Among the social problems there is the aspect of family conflicts while the health problems which arise from excess consumption include damages to the liver and also problems in metabolism.

Other products discussed in this website include meat and sugar. The excess consumption of sugar arises from consuming chocolates and snack cakes. The consumption of excess sugar has led to effects on one’s health like the inability to empty ones calories which is toxic. Meat has also recorded health risks if consumed in excess. This meat has proven to have carcinogenic properties which affect one’s health negatively. This carcinogenic have recorded to increase the risk of cancer.